Pat McClure, Co-Director

Shortly after college, Pat took her mother's advice and got a master’s degree in special education at BU. After grad school, she taught multiply handicapped children at Fernald State School and then a class of severely multiply-handicapped children for 3 years in the Newton Public Schools when Chapter 766, the special education laws, were new in ... read more

Ruth Carlson, Co-Director

Ruth’s degree from Framingham State in Early Childhood Education and psychology was the perfect preparation for her life’s work as a teacher. After being a permanent sub for two years, she retired temporarily from teaching to become a SAHM in 1977. Seven years later, she returned to teaching as a teacher assistant at MWS when her second child enrolled in ... read more

Chrissi Oliver, Teacher & Office Manager

When she enrolled her daughter in the afternoon transition class at MWS in 1999, Chrissi was working as a financial analyst at Compaq Computer. She arranged her business schedule so she could also work as a teacher assistant for us. After two years as a TA, Chrissi gave up her corporate job in order to become certified to teach her own class.  Beginning in ... read more

Una Gillis, Business Manager

The first person to greet you when you arrive at the school office will most likely be Una Gillis.  Her warm smile and Irish voice welcome everyone immediately and signal that Una can't wait to show off the preschool that she loves.  Born in Galway and educated at St Patrick’s College of Education and University College Dublin, Ireland, Una worked as an ... read more