Chrissi Oliver, Lead Teacher and Assistant Director for Program Support

When she enrolled her daughter in the afternoon transition class at MWS in 1999, Chrissi was working as a financial analyst at Compaq Computer. She arranged her business schedule so she could also work as a teacher assistant for us. After two years as a TA, Chrissi gave up her corporate job in order to become certified to teach her own class.  Beginning in 2001 she co-taught 4 year olds in the morning while also teaching the afternoon transition class for 5 year-olds. Three years later, we asked Chrissi to implement a new program to replace the transition class: the afternoon extended day program—a program open to all age groups at our school. She continued to co-teach the morning 4-day 4-year old class with Jan Phelan until Jan took over one of the 4-day pre-K classes and Chrissi became the teacher of a new 5-day pre-K class.

In addition to teaching, Chrissi is the Assistant Director for Program Support. She makes sure our student files are in compliance with state regulations, keeps our children well fed by purchasing all our snacks and cooking supplies, and maintains our large inventory of teaching supplies and equipment.  Outside school, Chrissi enjoys hiking and other outside activities with her husband and likes to spend time with her beautiful daughter who has grown up to become a skillful teacher and volleyball coach.