Class Assignments

After applications are filed with the school office, we begin the process of assigning children to classes. We do our best to balance the classes by gender, learning needs, and temperament. We ask teachers of continuing students for their input about their students’ learning styles and social needs. If parents make a request for a particular teacher or to have their child’s friend in the same class, we do our best to accommodate the request if we think it suits the child’s learning and social needs.

In May, we invite new parents to a morning coffee to receive their Enrollment Packets, meet the directors, and ask any additional questions they have. The enrollment packet contains forms needed to complete the registration process.  Class assignments and class lists will be mailed to all families in mid-August. All forms should be returned to the school as soon as possible. We are mandated by our licensing agency to maintain the completed forms in your child’s active file while they are enrolled and stored on the premises for five years after they graduate.

The Enrollment Agreement and the first third of tuition are due by June 1st for all new and continuing students. Please read the agreement carefully before you sign it. The Enrollment Agreement is your binding agreement to pay a full year’s tuition even if you move or withdraw your child from the school, if we can’t fill the space vacated by your child.