Cindy Bobrow

October 22, 2019

In October some squirrels joined our classroom.  The children enjoyed painting the paper squirrels using cotton balls and gray paint. The squirrel bushy tails are really fluffy yarn that the children glued on. The squirrels have decided to stay in our classroom and live on our class tree.  They have plenty of acorns to eat, so they will not be hungry. The class loved hearing the story of “Earl the Squirrel” and singing “Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel Shake your Bushy Tail”. Please stop by and see our beautiful tree.  It will be changing with the seasons.

September was also all about apples.  We ate red, green and yellow apples.  We voted for the apple we thought tasted the best.  Some children could not decide and voted for all three. Some of our beautiful apple projects went home and some are still in our classroom.  We have some apples hanging in our art gallery.  The children squirted red, green and yellow paint onto an apple paper shape that was inside a salad spinner.  The children turned the handle and were excited to see the results. Some other apples we made were collages of red items and also some eyedropper art on coffee filter apples. Our class tree is heavy with apples. A favorite book we enjoyed was “Apple Trouble”.


In September the Green Class started off the year learning about frogs.  Our line up spaces are frogs.  The line leader of the day gets to stand on the frog that is wearing the crown.  We also had frogs for snack on our first cooking day.  They were really zucchini muffins, but we like to pretend they were frogs.  We used our hand prints to make frogs sitting on logs.  You can see them on our class tree bulletin board. We read books about frogs, and sang  a song about “5 Green and Speckled Frogs”. The children especially enjoyed the Big Book “Jump Frog, Jump”.