Jan Phelan







Here are our scarecrows and black crows on our bulletin board. 

The children loved making themselves and then adding their three clues for Back To School Night. It was harder than it seems!  



There has been a lot of apple activities going on lately in room 13.  We read a story about a “little red house with no windows or doors and a star inside”. We then had our own apple star snack.

Our classroom tree now has apples on it that we made by spraying water onto a coffee filter decorated with markers.

We also experimented with what parts of an apple will sink and what parts will float in water. We observed the difference between real and pretend apples.

Lastly, we are in the “observing” stage of an apple experiment. After placing a piece of apple in air, water, vinegar and oil, each child predicted which apple they think will turn brown the quickest. We will find out!



We have been having so much fun at school. Our classroom owl named Wings has been a big part of that. We made some “endangered polka dot owls” for our classroom tree. Wings was so happy to have even more friends in class! Come take a look…



Welcome to the new school year. Please check back to see some of the things that we do in our classroom.