Fathers’ Workshops

Picture 021      Thatcher & dad carEvery winter, at the end of January, we have a special Saturday morning workshop for current MWS students and their dads, or grandfathers, or uncles, or even mothers. Students and their guests are free to move about the school enjoying their favorite activities. The morning is a casual and creative way for children to share with dad some of the things that make school so much fun for them during the week.

There’s a room to explore sensory materials like shaving cream, silly putty, cornstarch magic and playdough. Another room is converted into a busy woodworking shop; another is a quiet room for playing with some of our challenging games and manipulatives. The “fantasy room” is a place to create wonderful items using beautiful junk. And of course, there are healthy snacks to enjoy when they get the mid-morning munchies. Teachers host each activity area and love to see kids and dads exploring together.

Dads and children enjoy this unique program. Together they can cruise all the areas and spend time together unplugged from TV and the usual family busy-ness of a Saturday morning.

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