Tuition and fees pay for salaries and supplies at MWS. However, over the years, we’ve come to rely on the Parents’ Committee to raise additional funds for special purchases and scholarships. Half of all money raised goes into our scholarship funds.  The other half is used to buy large equipment for the playground and Big Room, replace worn-out classroom furniture, and to schedule outside talent to enhance the curriculum. In recent years, parent fundraising provided the seed money to hire our Creative Movement teacher as well as the occasional puppeteer and others who perform during the school day.

With the input and approval of the directors, parents run several regular fundraising activities and a few incidental activities each year. Regular fundraisers include the year-long Scholastic Books program, the November Magic Show and Fair, the February Shop at Wilson Farm Day, and the March Original Works Art program. All families are expected to help at the November Magic Show and Fair but most other “fundraisers” are handled by one or two parents who volunteer their time to coordinate the orders. Scholastic Books will be familiar to you all through the grades; it allows parents to buy good books at reasonable prices and yields the school a dividend in the form of books and cash for other book purchases.

All parents are expected to participate in one of the fundraising activities because all children receive the benefit of the money raised. Fortunately, the parents who step up and volunteer to chair these efforts are also busy parents themselves, so they understand how to make the best of everyone’s available time.

We’re so grateful to our parent community for their generosity and willingness to raise the money that makes this school a special place.