Morning Classes

Hours 9:00-Noon

For 3 year-olds, we offer a relaxed program emphasizing language development, social awareness, independence and skill-building with an emphasis on doing things for themselves. Gentle, predictable routines provide security and comfort in this first experience away from home. There are plenty of adult hands to help them as they learn. Our 3 year-old classes are taught by a lead teacher and 2 teacher assistants every day.

Parents can choose one of 3 classes for three year olds:

  • One 2-day class meets Tuesday and Thursday, 1 lead teacher & 2 teacher assistants.
  • Two 3-day classes meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 lead teacher & 2 teacher assistants per class.

Four year-olds are ready for more, so we give them more independence and more opportunities for creativity, while also setting the parameters for healthy social behavior. These classes capitalize on the children’s growing curiosity about how the world works and their natural desire to learn from each other. We get their young hands and minds ready for the next big step into kindergarten by providing numerous motor, cognitive, language and social experiences each week. Each four year-old class has from 12 to 15 children taught by a lead teacher and 2 teacher assistants 2 days a week. The other days, they have one teacher assistant helping in class.

We offer 5 classes for four year olds:

  •  One 3-day class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  •  One 3-day class meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  •  Two 4-day classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; children in the 4-day classes must be 4 by Sept. 1st.
  •  One 5-day class meets Monday through Friday; children in the 5-day class must be 4 by Sept. 1st.