Parents’ Committee

All parents of MWS students are automatically members of the Parents’ Committee.   The Parents’ Committee works throughout the year as a liaison between parents and school, helps meet parental needs, organizes all major fund-raising, and plans social events for parents and families.  All parents are encouraged to suggest agenda items for the monthly Parents’ Committee meeting.  Parents’ Committee meetings are usually held at the school one evening a month and all parents are also encouraged to attend as many meetings as your family schedule allows .

An informal but vital subgroup of Parents’ Committee is Room Parents.  Each September on Visiting Day, two or three parents from each class volunteer to act as room parents.  These parents help the larger Parents’ Committee communicate more quickly with the class families, help organize class parents to participate in fundraising activities, and plan social events for their own class parents, like meeting for coffee, dinner or playground dates.

Together, these groups welcome new families and help incorporate all parents into the wider life of the school.