At MWS, we strongly believe we are in a special partnership with parents as their children enjoy their first years in school. Successful early experiences in school influence children’s idea of themselves as learners and give them the self-confidence that comes with growth and achievement. When teachers and parents show they trust each other, like each other, and communicate openly, children also open themselves to what school has to offer. Together with parents, we provide a developmentally challenging–but safe–environment that will foster a positive attitude about school.

Because all of us are experienced parents, we have a wealth of understanding of the joys and difficulties of raising children. We’ve been through sleepless nights, crabby days, worries about our children’s learning or fears that they’ll be influenced by things beyond our control, like questionable friends or the media. We’ve also experienced the exciting and sometimes daunting experience called public school, so we know what your children will face when they finish preschool. We’re ready to offer a sympathetic ear and our best advice when you ask. Our hope is that, beginning with your first child, we can help you develop the skills and confidence you need in order to be your child’s best education advocate, this year at MWS and every year after preschool.