Lead Teachers and Teacher Assistants

We have 4 lead teachers teaching our four classes–all EEC certified, first aid and CPR certified. They came from a variety of professional backgrounds including teaching, business, science, and economics. But they are so good at what they do, we think they’ve found their true calling as teachers.

All of our lead teachers started at MWS as teacher assistants when their own children were in the program but found the work so interesting, they went on to become EEC certified as preschool teachers. But more than that, they are experienced mothers who know first-hand that simple things affect a child’s school day, like getting to bed too late, wearing the “wrong socks”, or coming down with a cold. They bring this powerful combination of teaching and maternal experience to their classes every day.

After they complete an in-house training program, our 15+ teacher assistants work one or more days a week, getting to know the children in their class, and offering the lead teacher much-needed assistance with the children. Some are “mother-assistants” who work for tuition credit for their children. Other are “paid assistants” who stayed on at MWS after their children graduated. Together, lead teacher and teacher assistants form a hard-working team to help their students develop a sense of identity and belonging.

One of the most noticeable features of the staff is how much they enjoy working together. They share materials freely, help each other with scheduling, contribute great ideas for curriculum, and volunteer for work that needs to be done. No matter the teaching tenure, pay status, or position, everyone chips in to make MWS a caring and supportive learning environment for the children.