Teacher Assistants

MWS has a wonderful teacher-student ratio because we have a unique program for staffing our classes with lead teachers and teacher assistants. We offer parents the opportunity to work one morning a week in a class for the whole school year in exchange for a substantial tuition credit. We give $1100 off tuition for first year assistants and $1200 off tuition for second year assistants.

Another feature of this unique program is that we train all our teacher assistants ourselves. If someone wants to be a teacher assistant at MWS, (s)he must attend a 7-session training program, held one day a week from early April to mid-May the year before they start working for us. Our training program includes 3 classroom sessions taught by the director, one session taught by an outside trainer in First Aid, and 3 sessions of real in-class experience–working side-by-side with a lead teacher and other teacher assistants. After this training period, parents are offered a contract to work one day a week on a day that their own child attends school but not in their own child’s class.

This program has benefited both parents and the school over the years. In fact, all of our lead teachers started at MWS as teacher assistants and went on to become certified as lead teachers. Once you have the chance to teach children, you look at your own children in a very different light. Our TA’s often tell us they became better parents because they learned to see how and why their children behaved, as well as how to guide them more effectively.

Our TA program is open to any parent at MWS who is willing and able to commit to the 7 session training program in the spring before beginning work in September, as well as one morning a week for the 37 weeks we are in session.