“This pre-school provides lots of classrooms, a lot of indoor space for when you can’t go outside, excellent teachers, a great community. It is the second pre-school I have sent my daughter to and it just doesn’t even compare to the first. They do so much at MWS. I love it!!”
~ Lisa C.

“I am so grateful that our family has been part of the Methodist Weekday School (MWS) community for 6 years.  When I first visited the school I knew that it was the right place to send our 3 boys. The teachers make our school what it is: a true preschool that brings out the best in our children, builds their self-esteem and thoroughly prepares them for kindergarten. The learning environment is filled with play, paint, glue, music, dance, dress-up and stories. The strong sense of community that comes along with MWS is indispensable for both the children and the parents as we begin to help our children navigate their way. ”
~Lori A.

“We have been very pleased with our experience at Methodist Weekday School.  The teachers and directors are very patient, caring and knowledgeable about children.  The school has wonderful classrooms, a large space indoors for the children to play and a fun outdoor playground.  Our children have had many fun experiences in a safe and cheerful environment!”
~ Lisa M.  (mom of 2 students)

“MWS was my first daughter’s first experience away from me.  She had severe separation issues, but her teachers were very loving & supportive of both of us, having dealt with this many times.  She has grown over the 3 years & learned & experienced much more than I could ever have exposed her to.  My son starts MWS this fall.  After watching his big sister go to preschool & bring home lots of stories, friends, & artwork, he can’t wait.  MWS has been a true “family” experience, involving the parents in field trips, socials, parent-teacher conferences & fundraisers.  With our crazy schedules, it was nice to have reason to come together as a family with our children!”
~ Lisa H.

“My husband and I researched preschools in both Bedford and Lexington and we are thrilled with our decision to send our children to the Methodist Weekday School.  MWS has been a warm, safe and enriching place for our children to grow both socially and academically.  The teachers are top-notch and create an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity and a love of learning.  Our 5 year old is ready to face Kindergarten with confidence and enthusiasm!”
~ Susan D.

“Our family’s experience at Methodist Weekday School has been nothing short of phenomenal!  All three of my kids attended the school and loved every single teacher they had.  Throughout the years we have been at MWS, I have been impressed by the professionalism of the teachers and the personal interest they take in each child.  The school not only prepares young minds for their later learning experiences, it gives the children a safe, loving, nurturing environment to spend these formative years.  There are many choices for preschool in Lexington, but this one is the best by far.”
~ Christine E.