What We Are

As a private, non-profit, non-sectarian preschool we strive to offer excellent teaching, facilities, and programs to children of all cultures, faiths, and walks of life.

We provide a happy manageable place away from home.  Our caring staff give the children hands-on experiences and positive feedback to stimulate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.  As they enjoy what’s familiar and master what’s challenging, our children gain confidence in their ability to succeed in school.

We believe all children are on a predictable path of development and that they reveal their individual strengths, personalities and preferences as they explore the world around them.  By offering a broad variety of experiences, we help them establish the skills and self-control they need to work and play effectively with others.   Above all else, we make sure school is an exciting and fun place to be, so each child develops a life-long love of learning.